Whether you need to record interviews, stream a live event, gather news, or broadcast from location, we have a solution that is portable, battery-powered, and easy-to-use.


Record to your smartphone, edit and post online.


 We’ve packed just the right set of features for location use: High Pass Filter to cut wind noise, 24-bit /192kHz digital resolution for broadcast quality audio, Neutrik™ combo XLR jacks to fit any professional mic, a loud headphone amp, and more.

Stream live via the phone, and record a backup to the optional SD card. The possibilities to get your voice online are endless!

key features

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Jasmine Mic Preamps™ Deliver Plenty Of Clean Gain

Rest assured – your recorded audio will be broadcast-ready. Our mic preamps are designed to minimize noise and distortion. True 48V phantom power means you can use any condenser mic, even boutique ones. You can be confident that MixerFace R4 will handle your delicate mics with elegance and grace.

AmpExtreme™ headphone amp brings loudness and clarity

Borrowing from our award-winning Hi-Fi products, our latest headphone amplifier technology brings audio transparency and power to handle any headphones, all while reducing distortion and listening fatigue. AmpExtreme puts you in control, ensuring that you always hear what’s going on, even on a noisy street.

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Broadcast and Stream Your Audio with Professional Results

Whether your online audience expects to be informed or entertained, it always requires top-notch audio quality, even when you are broadcasting from location. MixerFace R4 makes this a breeze. Its high-quality converters preserve your audio for instant distribution – just connect your phone and stream live.

MixerFace R4 Records to Almost Anything with a USB Input

MixerFace R4 offers the ultimate flexibility. It’s compatible with laptops, smart phones and tablets. You can record to Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and even Linux. Be confident that MixerFace R4 will know what to do. For iOS devices, a purchase of a separate USB to Lightning adapter may be necessary.

professional on a computer
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High-capacity Li-Po battery powers longer sessions

Record for longer stretches without recharge. Our long-lasting Lithium-Polymer battery lets you avoid interruptions and use more time for creativity. Charge it from any USB charger and it will last an entire session. Rechargeable technology also means you can stop buying batteries and start saving money.

MixerFace R4 / R4B

iPhone is an amazing audio production tool. Many apps let you edit, add EQ, compress and then upload your audio online in minutes. But how do you get quality audio into the iPhone in the first place?

MixerFace creates an essential bridge between professional microphones and smartphones, providing an easy-to-use and fully-portable solution for broadcast streaming and professional-quality field recording.

MixerFace integrates your iPhone into your audio production workflow, making mobile recording easy for broadcasters, musicians and VO artists on-the-go. Featuring a long-lasting rechargeable battery, two Neutrik™ combo jacks, headphone monitor and 24-bit/192kHz converters, it creates an unbeatable mobile production tool, right in your pocket. Stream live or record to iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone, tablet or computer. Mixerface is the missing link between your microphone and your portable device!



This hand-held recording marvel packs a number of features previously available only in studio interfaces into an ideal form-factor for traveling audio professionals in the broadcast and pro audio industry.

MixerFace packs two boutique mic preamps with independent gain controls and LED level monitoring, 48V phantom power, Hi-Z inputs for guitar and bass, Broadcast-level limiters, and more into a handheld device that fits underneath the iPhone! This mobile recording interface transforms your smartphone into a portable recording studio. MixerFace creates an end-to-end mobile recording solution for location recordists, ENG journalists, voiceover artists, and touring musicians — anyone who records on the go.

Record with 24-bit/192kHz sound quality! MixerFace uses state-of the art converters and transfers digital audio to/from iDevices, for purest sound reproduction. This attractive, handheld device made from tough, road-worthy extruded aluminum gently cradles and protects your phone during recording. MixerFace works for an entire shift on a single charge. Capture the World of sounds, using your iPhone, Android or Laptop!TH

Recording Acoustic Guitar with MixerFace – Listen for the sound quality difference!

CEntrance offers the following downloads:

Complementary CEntrance Universal Driver™

The CEntrance Universal Driver offers the following features:

  • Aggregation of multiple MicPort units for Windows XP and Vista
  • Low 6 ms round trip latency and high stability
  • ASIO2 interface for use with with Steinberg’s Cubase/Nuendo
  • GSIF2 interface for use with Tascam’s GigaStudio

Please note: The CEntrance Universal Driver only works with CEntrance products.

Complementary AxePort Pro Mac Control Panel

Supports MacOS 10.4 and above and offers control for the zero latency monitor slider inside the AxePort Pro 

Free Latency Test Utility

Precision tool to measure audio delay in your computer setup. Download now and optimize your system for performance. Accurate down to .5ms. Requires audio interface with ASIO driver. Offeres the following benefits:

  • Measurement accuracy .5ms
  • Tests any number of channels
  • Simple operation, no installation needed
  • Works with USB, FireWire, PCI interfaces
  • Windows 2K, XP, Vista

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