CEntrance History

2000 | CEntrance Founded

A musician and engineer by training, Michael Goodman establishes an audio product design firm with the vision “To work with every audio company in the world“. It  would take seven years to realize the original vision but the list of consulting clients eventually grows to over 100. Michael teaches at Columbia College Chicago and the first company employees are his students, who “pass the test”.

2002 | First Big Clients

Our heart has always been in audio and we seek every opportunity to develop anything that has to do with sound. We design analog, digital, software and wireless systems and eventually work our way to co-developing products with Crest, Harman, Mackie and TAPCO. We design mixing consoles, interfaces and amplifiers and all of our employees are either musicians or recording engineers.

2004 | First Reference Design

The company perfects stable audio recording for Windows and creates its first reference design, CE1105. A robust combination of FireWire hardware and Windows drivers enables audio recording in a variety of products. The innovative technology gets noticed around the industry and is soon licensed to a number of famous brands, including Behringer, Korg and KRK.

2006 | Technology Portfolio

CEntrance develops a portfolio of licensed technologies in FireWire and USB audio, and picks up a number of famous pro-audio brands as its design clients. Alesis, DiGiCo, Gibson, Line6, and Zoom hire CEntrance to work on new products. CEntrance gets to learn best practices in product development from around the world, especially enjoying the Japanese work style and dedication to quality.

2007 | MicPort Pro is born

The company decides to make its first product and invents a pocket-sized USB interface called MicPort Pro. The tiny device turns any microphone into a USB mic, attracting dozens of voiveover and podcasting endorsers. It creates a new product category, wins many awards, takes off and continues to sell for 10 years unchanged—an unheard of accomplishment in the fast-paced world of technology.

2008 | a SWAT team for Audio

Pro Sound News Europe publishes an interview with Michael Goodman, calls CEntrance a “SWAT team for the pro-audio community“. Michael shares his vision for smart, connected appliances that greet you with a human voice, almost 10 years before Amazon Alexa. CEntrance releases AxePort Pro, which attracts dozens of Hollywood artists. Famous guitar and bass players still use it today.

2009 | Entry into Hi-Fi

Building on its success in portable products, CEntrance creates the DACport, a small, high quality D/A converter and headphone amplifier for Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Head-fi.org founder Jude Mansilla and other prominent journalists give it glowing reviews. DACport creates a new product category, gets on the cover of Stereophile magazine and continues to sell for many years.

2011 | Digital Excellence

CEntrance launches DACmini CX, a desktop DAC and headphone amplifier. Stereophile magazine features it on the cover and on the Recommended Components list. Later, CEntrance adds a set of coaxial speakers, creating the ultimate stereo system, called the Audiophile Desktop System. Many Hollywood producers endorse the audio quality and install the system in their mastering suites.

2013 | Mobile Products

CEntrance expands its portable amplifier range with the iconic HiFi-M8 (pronounced HiFi-Mate),  named “Best Amplifier Ever Tested” by CNET. This product was followed by HiFi-Skyn, an iPhone case for audiophiles, which added a Li-Ion battery and a high quality headphone jack to a number of iPhone models. A stand-alone version called DACportable launches in 2014, supporting all phones.

2016 | Internet of Things

The company expands into Internet of Things  (IOT) and develops reference designs for smart speakers, featuring high quality music playback and beam-forming microphone arrays. CEntrance licenses these designs to prominent Consumer Electronics manufacturers. Along the way CEntrance gains expertise in Bluetooth and releases BlueDAC, the first Hi-Fi Bluetooth amplifier.

2018 | NAMM: "Best Of Show"

Following a focused R&D effort, CEntrance launches the highly anticipated MixerFace R4. The world’s first Mobile Recording Interface enables podcasters, musicians and videographers to record high quality audio anywhere, using their smart phone. The product gets the “Best of Show” award at NAMM. Nathan East and other famous endorsers stop by to celebrate our return to Pro Audio.

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